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Commitment to Quality

From our products, to our staff Black Fin Extracts puts quality above it all

Reliable and Consistent

Black Fin Extracts prides itself on being there for customers whenever they need us

Relatable and Friendly

From cannabis advocates to business owners, we’ve been there since the start

Honest and Transparent

We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have, we’re here for you.


“In everything we do, from our products, to our staff, to our drive for education, we are committed to quality.

Quality, it’s just who we are.”

Black Fin Extracts: your go to for Craft Cannabis


Our dedicated team has been around since day one of legalization and we have poured our hearts and soul into BFE to ensure that we bring quality, small batch craft products to consumers all across Canada.

Our Mission

Here at Black Fin Extracts we aim to do one thing – bring small batch, high quality, craft products to the Cannabis Community.


Located in the heart of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island BC, BFE has access to some of the finest flower in the world – the world renown BC Bud. Our knowledge of the community, and its growers who have been doing this for generations, make it easy for us to find approved Health Canada cultivators. Building the bridge from their small batch premium products to our consumers is one of the many ways we are better able to provide you with the finest extracts and packaged flower.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality products from the best the West Coast has to offer.

Our vision

At Black Fin we aim to be the peoples brand.


And that’s because we are the people’s people; we thrive to have an open and transparent relationship with our customers. We want to keep you in the loop from where to buy our products, to our extraction processes, to where we are in the legalization process. We are dedicated to sharing information.

Our Promise

Our starting point is already at the height of quality – Craft Cannabis. And luckily for us in the Cowichan Valley, it grows all around us. When you combine our organic inputs with our intense quality assurance standards, you can be guaranteed a quality product with the craft care every time.


Quality control is integrated into every aspect of our company, from the quality of the inputs and the quality of our employees, to the maintenance and cleaning schedules within the facility – quality is the first priority, always.

Our Latest Products

Black Fin Extracts Core Team

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Omelus

As one of the founders of Black Fin Extracts, Steve also wears many hats in the organization. Leading us all from the top, he is CEO, and sees the big picture and drives this company to its goals. As Mr. Safety, he also is our Head of Security and ensures everyone and everything done at BFE is done safely and securely.


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Chief Financial Operator


As another founder of Black Fin Extracts, Nicole wears many hats in this organization. She is the CFO and keeps an eye on the monies. She is Ms. Know-it-all and as the Responsible Person she must ensure everything done at BFE is compliant with its license and the Regulations. She also wears the hat of HR Manager and watches over all the employees.


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Chief Creative Operator


As the third and final founder of Black Fin Extracts, Rachelle works closely with Nicole and Steve to run the creative department on the mainland of Vancouver. As the CCO she handles the marketing and social media strategies, and with the help of Nicole, the two run the Black Fin Extracts social platforms. She is the woman behind the website, and the enforcer of the BFE Chronicles. 


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Head of Production

Dirk Post

The newest member of the team, Dirk joins Black Fin Extracts as the Head of Production. Managing everything from the production of oils and extracts to the packaging and distribution of final products. He is like the “Queen” worker bee, large and in charge.


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