BLACK FIN EXTRACTS . . . . BC Grown, Island Refined

“In everything we do, from our products, to our staff, to our drive for education, we are committed to quality.

                             Quality, it’s just who we are”

Here at Black Fin Extracts we aim to do one thing: bring the Cannabis Community the finest extracts possible.  We started in the early days of this industry, and have poured our hearts and souls into our craft.  We pride ourselves on never disappointing our customers, and in bringing them the best the West Coast has to offer.

We at Black Fin Extracts want our customers to get the tastiest, freshest, purest dabs possible.  It’s why we only source flower from craft growers that know what they are doing, and our facility uses only the finest lab equipment available.  We even go so far as to make our solvent in-house so we can guarantee it’s free from impurities.

CECO produces the safest, purest, tastiest dabs, with a full flavour spectrum and terpene profile!

Since October 17th, 2018, legal cannabis has been the talk of the town. Despite its growing popularity, though, the world of legal weed is still uncharted territory. From growers to producers, consumers to politicians, all are both excited and frustrated about Bill C-45. The new licensing process is not as simple as filing a little paperwork.  Nor should it be. In fact, it’s quite a challenge that has many hoops to jump through. But the Black Fin team never backs down from a challenge, and the legalization process is no different!

Black Fin Extracts is currently in the submission process of the Federal Licensing Application stage and is seeking to raise future operating capital.

For investment opportunities, please reach out to