BLACK FIN EXTRACTS . . . . BC Grown, Island Refined

the day Canada legalized recreational cannabis. BFE is excited to be one of the first craft companies diving into legalization and taking the new market place by storm. With years of dedication in the industry the core team brings together a whirlwind of innovation, R&D and creativity that is sure to blow everyone away.


The BFE brand is represented by Mt. Prevost, a prominent feature of the Cowichan Valley where some of the finest marijuana in the world is grown.  Our logo proudly features the dorsal fin of the orca, one of the West Coasts most significant animals. Elegant and powerful, the Orca habits the waters off our shores as the top of the food chain. The mountains represent the obstacles we’ve overcome and the ocean symbolizes movement and our ability to adapt to change as we evolve as a company.


At BFE we thrive to have an open and transparent relationship with our customers, we want to keep you in the loop. We are dedicated to sharing information, a drive for education and building a safe community for our customers to come to us with their cannabis questions.