We know that trying to break into the Cannabis community can be quite daunting for those of you who are new to the scene, and even for those who haven’t been off the scene for a while trying to come back can seem like a major task. With all these new strains, concentrates, ways to smoke and laws about smoking the Cannabis community can be a bit…. overwhelming.

That’s why we started Cannaparty, a fun and informal way for you and your friends to learn all about the health benefits and the legal way to consume Cannabis  – without having to leave your home. Think of it like a Tupperware party, except for marijuana.Our Cannagirls will come to your space and give you and your friends an educational and engaging presentation on all things Cannabis. We want to provide a safe environment for you and your friends to educate yourself on the health benefits of THC and CBD and have all your Cannabis questions answered by the experts.