BLACK FIN EXTRACTS . . . . BC Grown, Island Refined

As one of the founders of Black Fin Extracts, Steve wears many hats in the organization. Leading us all from the top, he is our CEO, he sees the big picture and drives this company to its goals. Steve is very hands on and involved in all operations with the company.Once he finished planning  the layout and design of the production facility, he picked up a hammer and helped build the facility. He currently heads the R&D department, staying up to date with the newest extraction technology, product trends and industry changes. Steve is the innovation behind our entire product line. As Mr. Safety, he also is our Head of Security and ensures everyone and everything done at BFE is done safely and securely.

Being one of our other founders of Black Fin Extracts Nicole also wears more than one hat in our organization. She is the CFO, keeping track of the numbers, making sure budgets are kept and deadlines are made. While working away in the office she manages all the policy and produces and wears the HR hat. She keeps a watchful eye on all the employees and is the go to if there is any problem that needs to be solved. Around the company she is known as Ms. Know-it-all and as the Responsible Person she must ensure everything done at BFE is compliant with its license and the Regulations.


As the third and final founder of Black Fin Extracts, Rachelle works closely with Nicole and Steve to run the creative department on the mainland of Vancouver. As the CCO she is in charge of the marketing and social media strategies, and is the woman behind the website. Rachelle also does all of the branding and imaging associated with the brand, the design work for our promotional items and heads the marketing campaigns. She is the reason you all know and love Black Fin!

The newest member of the team, Dirk, joins BFE as the Head of Production. Managing the daily operations in the facility, from the production of oils and extracts to the packaging and distribution of final products. He is like the “Queen” worker bee, large and in charge. He is also our Quality Assurance Person (QAP) and is fluent in all Health Canada regulations, he is the one that signs off on the quality every time. If it’s not up to the standards, it doesn’t get sold and Dirk will be the iron gates before our products head to consumers.