BLACK FIN EXTRACTS . . . . BC Grown, Island Refined

What exactly is an extract? An extract, or “concentrate”, is a stronger form of cannabis. Think distilled vodka or rum, versus beer or cider. The dried flower would be equivalent to a beer or cider and the extracts would be the rum or vodka. One packs much more of a punch than the other.

There are many ways to extract the goodness from the marijuana plant while leaving behind all the badness (the carbon, chlorophyll, etc).  Here at BFE we have chosen to use ethanol for a number of reasons, but the most important are:

  • Legality – ethanol extraction is a Federally approved means to produce shatter or oils;
  • Safety – ethanol, while extremely flammable, is much safer to work with.  It also does not have the negative health impacts that hydrocarbons (like butane) do;
  • Quality – 100% pure ethanol produces a product that captures the true taste, terpene profile, and stability of the weed.  Meaning, a product that has a long shelf life and keeps its natural flavour.  Pure ethanol is also easy to remove, so the customer never has to consume any of the solvent, just all the flavour!

Ethanol is a legal, safe, and effective method of extraction that can be used to produce shatter and a whole world of products. That’s why we love it, and why we think you will love it to!

Cryogenic Ethanol Cannabis Oil, or better known as CECO, is a new method of producing concentrates, and we at Black Fin are always on the front lines of new products.

Cryogenic means cold, extremely cold, -70 C cold. And the entire process has to be done at that super cold temperature. It’s basically like having to work in the Arctic. Ethanol refers to the solvent that we use in our extraction process, and in our case we use ethanol made in-house. The cannabis is then bathed, or rinsed, in our ethanol solvent through a series of complex tubes and reactors to extract all the goodness (THC, cannabinoid, terpenes) and none of the badness (water, chlorophyll, carbon). The solvent is then removed via vacuum induction and a cold vacuum purge.  With that base extract we can then make a variety of products.  For example, if left untouched during the curing stage the product will come out glossy, clear and stable in the form of shatter. If we agitate the oil and oxygen is re-added, the oxygen reacts with the TCH-A and creates a wonderful honeycomb or budder like product.  Very tasty.  We haven’t reinvented the wheel, we just redesigned it and made it better.

We at Black Fin stand behind everything we do, and we only want to bring our customers the very best. It’s why we have chosen to use ethanol as our solvent and why we have spared no expense in acquiring top of the line vacuum ovens, vacuum pumps, high grade stainless steel columns and reflectors, and stainless collectors. We found a way to bring your favorite Cannabis extracts into the legal Cannabis game with a new organic way to produce them. And the best part – the extract experience stays the EXACT same. Terpy, flavourful, awesome quality dabs. Every time.