BLACK FIN EXTRACTS . . . . BC Grown, Island Refined

Black Fin Extracts is 100% committed to quality.  If there has been one clear, demonstrable, undeniable fact in the Cannabis Industry it is that quality, not quantity, is what the consumer is after.  All the rest is second best and often goes on the shelf to be an eventual return.

So what exactly is an extract? An extract, or “concentrate”, is a stronger form of cannabis. Think distilled vodka or rum, versus beer or cider. The dried flower would be equivalent to a beer or cider and the extracts would be the rum or vodka. One packs much more of a punch than the other.

You can find quality in the following products by BFE:

Black Fin Extracts is proud to offer the best of the best in the world of Dried Cannabis and Cannabis Extracts

Dried Flower
A dried preparation of the flowering tops or buds of the cannabis plant, ideal for smoking

A cannabis extract, this product comes out transparent with a glossy shine and is a favourite amongst consumers

This extracts is softer, more opaque product and produces a fluffy almost honeycomb look, giving it its nickname of Honeycomb. 

Distillate is a clear, flavourless cannabis oil concentrate that boasts the highest THC percentage. Distillates are ideal for use in vaporizers, edibles, tinctures.

RSO (Black Oil)
This cannabis oil derived from our extraction byproducts and is used to supply the secondary edible or the vape pen market

Honey Oil
The name gives it away, a lighter, more golden cannabis oil.  A favourite amongst the older demographic. 

THCa Diamonds
A pure crystalline THC-A product at about 95% purity. The final product looks like clear hard diamonds