BLACK FIN EXTRACTS . . . . BC Grown, Island Refined
Here at Black Fin Extracts we are a full spectrum extracts company, and we don’t discriminate when it comes to the choice of solvent.  Our technicians are pros at this and have years of experience. Whether it’s extracts derived from a closed-loop butane method, a basic two stage wiped film distillation, or your standard cryo-ethanol boiler, we have got it covered.  Our technology allows for the purest of extracts. And our testing regime ensures that our products contain no residual solvents.


No matter what the choice of solvent is, the trick to producing high quality extracts is in two parts:


  1. Buy good quality weed from a farmer who knows what they are doing (which we do)
  2. Make sure your extraction equipment and process can get all the solvent out (which ours can)


That’s why at BFE we use top of the line, stainless steel gear. We also use state of the art analytical gear, as well as standard operating procedures that are industry leaders.